Sustainability – one word to describe the direction that we must all take to avoid the negative impact on our planet’s biosphere. The green transition has no ready-made road map, but it is a journey that we work hard to navigate one step at a time using current advice to create concrete goals that can be measured to assess direction and distance travelled. 

It is this Compliance to current accepted advice, directives and regulations that provides focus. We approach our social and environmental policies from the perspectives of our Head Quarters, consumer, and supply chain. Actions are closely monitored and improved in compliance with policy updates from sources that include, but not limited to, the UN Sustainable Development Goals: Decent Work and Economic Growth; Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions; and Climatic Action.

Here we consider these sub-categories: Product Safety that includes risk assessment and internal product control; Anti-corruption and policing through a whistle blower policy; Responsible Production; Responsible Materials; Waste and its management that incorporates prolonging product life and its eventual end of life; and, of course, edicts and agreements made by authorized bodies, sovereign governments, and governing bodies, like the EU. These are the routes we take to reach our journey goals…