We believe everyone should experience the enjoyment of outdoor living at least once in their life. Through our passion for the outdoors inspire and create the foundation for unforgettable moments.

Inspired by this vision, we are dedicated to our work, which has strong product development focus. Quality, functionality, design and, above all, innovation, are at the root of our product development work. 
Our dedication has been regularly rewarded as, over the years, we have received countless awards and public recognition for our work.


We lead the field in innovation and design and we ensure that our products are always as practical and as comfortable as they can possibly be. We are pioneers. Our award-winning ideas are often copied but never bettered.


When we innovate, we think out of the box, and we innovate whenever we launch a new and significantly improved product.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the leading, innovative company in Europe for all outdoor living needs. We have in-house design teams in Denmark and Germany. Along with them, our office in China works closely with our suppliers to ensure that our innovations and designs are handled correctly at every stage of the manufacturing process, from the initial drawing to the finished product.

Product Development

There are exciting new features and details on the drawing board at Oase Outdoors all the time. Product development is one of our core competences and our market-leading features are often copied, but never bettered. Our impressive list of new inventions includes: 

Luminous guylines, Skylight windows, Tent carpets, Rain safe door, Outwell Extended Frame System, Outwell Space Frame System, Outwell Universal inner cabin, Kid's room, Game set, Dry Zip System, Outwell Easy Pegging System, Outwell Wind Stabilizer System, Floating Guyline System, Tinted windows, Outwell Pole-free Sealing System, One-go inflation technology, Master and ambassador bedrooms, Rear ventilation system, Quick & Quite inner doors


R & D

Inhouse R & D centres in Denmark and China

We have in-house R & D centres in Denmark and China, where we work consistently to develop, innovate and design high-quality products, which must meet – and preferably surpass – our customers' expectations.

Thanks to the efforts of our strong R & D team, their technical expertise, manufacturing know-how and material insight as well as their first-hand experience of camping and outdoor life, we have consistently introduced innovative and ground-breaking features and products. 

At Oase Outdoors, R & D comprises everything from desk research, laboratory and field testing to incessant use of our rain and wind testing equipment. 


And, of course, R&D also involves the people at the core of our business – our end-users! We use carefully selected test families in the UK, Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands. By means of online surveys and communities and innumerable visits to camp sites to conduct interviews with campers and outdoor enthusiasts, we have collected a wealth of indispensable knowledge to use when we develop the next generation of tents, camping furniture and accessories, all of which must meet – and preferably surpass – the expectations of and the demands facing today's campers and outdoor enthusiasts.

Test facilities

At Oase Outdoors we leave nothing to chance. Success in the marketplace is dependent on the company’s ability to maintain high product quality. This explains why our entire product range is subjected to comprehensive quality control.

Our own employees in the Far East ensure that quality assurance is carried out at the factories, and that there is
always correlation between what we require of and wish to see in our products and the final results. Before packing, each individual tent is checked for faults and defects. The tent is inspected individually and all the critical points are examined.

In Denmark and at our facilities in the Far East, we have installed rain simulators to test that our tents are waterproof. We carry out many random tests to check tent quality. In a 30-minute test, the tents are subjected to a downpour corresponding to approximately six months of rain in Denmark.

Along with our powerful wind machines, also installed both in Denmark and the Far East China, Oase Outdoors has some of the market’s best test facilities at its disposal. These facilities are also used by European branch media, including the foremost German magazine, Outdoor.

All our remaining products are subjected to a battery of tests to ensure function and durability. Our products are created for repeated use. Only via testing and development can we ensure that the consumer experiences our three brands as optimal.