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We always welcome the opportunity to discuss working with a retailer for we are committed to be your product specialist, to develop sustainable branded business and a strong, long-term partnerships.

Our three brands are your easy-to-access one-stop source of products that perform to and beyond your customers’ expectations. Each brand is supported and promoted by highly dedicated teams that inspire through strong media cooperation and engage daily on social platforms. 

We are committed to make your life easier through initiatives that include our inspirational showroom with high-end digital integration, catalogues, content, images and videos. And, in an ever-changing retail landscape, we fully address the importance of close partnerships and timely delivery, critical to reaching market potentials. 

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As your partner we deliver best in class services. We provide digital solutions and strive for seamless daily workflows to ease cooperation. Our highly professional customer support team is dedicated to help you succeed.

We believe in open dialogue, close relations and knowledge-sharing as key elements to mutual successful growth. 

If you would like to benefit from our strong, fully supported brands and believe close cooperation is the firm foundation for a successful future then please contact us via the following form to discuss business potential.