Responsible Materials

The sustainable use of resources is a broad subject with wide ranging considerations including resource preservation, waste reduction, and pollutant and health issues. It is a journey of many avenues and one we work hard to address while recognising the miles we have yet to cover.  

At a company level, we work digitally where possible – especially when creating marketing resources such as catalogues. FSC certified paper is used at HQ where print is required. 

We already use re-cycled materials in several products we produce, with more in development. We take raw material procurement seriously and use responsible and traceable down in relevant sleeping bags. 

The negative impact of various chemicals on health and the environment is also of concern. We use PFC- and BPA-free materials where needed and reduce use of fluorine substances while we continuously search for more environmental-friendly alternatives.

Understanding the importance of using correct material quality for a design and construction ensures a product’s best performance and longevity. Manufacturing techniques are reviewed and this leads to innovation like coring techniques in self-inflating mats that minimise production waste while enhancing performance. Rigorous tests, like those carried out using our in-house wind and rain test facilities, provide valuable data in the development stage and confirmation that a product’s quality and performance meets expectations.

We continuously reduce the use of plastic in our packaging. Not only do we aim to minimize the use of virgin plastic, but our goal is to keep the use of any plastic to an absolute minimum.