Product Safety

The process of creating and bringing a product to market involves close collaboration between our Research & Development team and our Quality & Compliance and Sustainability departments. Initial procurement revolves around obtaining pre-production models for intensive testing. We subject our tents to rigorous wind and rain tests in our unique in-house test facilities and do further field testing.  Acceptance only happens once data collected confirms suitability. 

Our suppliers are selected with care and will only be accepted if they meet and maintain strict requirements. To ensure compliance, we supply and regularly update manuals that describe all requirements, standards and specific laws to be followed. The production process is monitored through our long-standing Far Eastern office that is staffed by Oase Outdoors employees.

Further, the Quality, Procurement and R&D teams regularly visit our suppliers to check quality. We use a Quality Control software system that allows the online real time interruption of the production line to remotely police the process and its operators. Samples of finished products are selected for spot checks and part batches are also inspected when shipments arrive at our Danish warehouse.