Standards are not only applied to the production process. The long-term sustainability of any business depends on its ability to maintain the highest standards of personal and collective integrity. Thus, the implementation of an anti-corruption policy as part of the compliance of doing business is vital to business success. 

Given the need to protect our position as a trusted business partner, relevant Oase Outdoors employees who act under the Oase name conform to this policy. 

We have developed a strong judicious approach to this area and have started its implementation. A set of directives and FAQs provide structure and guidance for employees and these are clearly set out in the employee staff handbook.
Our learning programme tests understanding of the anti-corruption policy and we expect a minimum of 90 per cent of relevant employees to complete and obtain a ‘pass’ result based on a ‘Pass/Fail’ score.

Whistle-blower service

We strive to maintain a transparent business climate and high business ethics. Our employees are the most important source of insight into revealing possible misconduct that needs to be addressed. We have implemented a whistle-blowing service to help reduce risks and maintain trust in our operations by enabling us to detect and act on possible misconduct at an early stage.
The implementation of a confidential whistle-blowing service provides employees the opportunity to alert the Board, either openly or anonymously, about any suspicion of misconduct. The resultant guidelines encourage employees to report suspected misconduct without any risk of retaliation, while ensuring an appropriate investigation process.