Prolong Product Life

Ensuring a product’s longevity is a major factor in reducing waste and it is one we work hard to address.
By catering for this need we ensure a product’s longevity before return for recycling. And to ensure needs are met we monitor and work with customer feedback. This helps us focus on stocking relevant spares and evolve standardisation to support our products. 

This is backed by a comprehensive range of advice covering subjects like air tube repair, sleeping bag care, storing a self-inflating mat and more, all provided online often in video format. 

Currently, our increased focus on repairing warranty issues has meant we have significantly reduced the number of non-recycled returns to increase our business sustainability, with efficiency increasing as we improve the service through knowledge gained in this important field. Further, we strive to design products with components that are easy to separate at the end of life to aid and simplify recycling. 
Discontinued products

The disposal of surplus stock and that of discontinued products is used to support charities, either for fund raising or use by recipients, such as the homeless. We also minimise waste by selling discontinued and repaired products at reduced prices via our website