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Compilation of an Anti-corruption policy and implementation of a learning program. Minimum 90 per cent of relevant employees to complete a learning program with the result ‘pass’, based on a ‘Pass/Fail’ basis.

Why relevant
Not only is the implementation of an anticorruption policy an Ownership requirement by Ratos and a part of the compliance of doing business, but it is vital to business success as the long-term sustainability of our business depends on our ability to maintain the highest standards of personal and collective integrity.

Given the need to protect its position as a trusted business partner, relevant Oase Outdoors employees who act under the Oase name will be regulated by this policy.

Management approach
We have developed a strong judicious approach to this area and have started the implementation. A set of directives and FAQs for employees have been made and has now also been stated in the Employee staff handbook. We have also introduced a whistle-blower system where infringements can be reported in confidence. 

The anti-corruption training is now running at full speed and is being evaluated each year. The HR department is undertaking the training annually and when onboarding new employees.

The anti-corruption policy is now in place. 100% of relevant employees have completed and passed the training in 2021.

Communication and training on anti-corruption policies and procedures. Share of relevant employees (29) that annually complete the anti-corruption training course is set to 90 per cent.