Subsidiary in the United Kingdom

Oase Outdoors´ subsidiary in the United Kingdom

The history of Oase Outdoors is also the story of a family passionate about camping and outdoor life. Mogens Arens founded the company in 1984. He was inspired by the idea of offering high-quality products at affordable prices. As the years went by and Mogens worked hard, his company grew and grew.

The second generation, represented by Henrik Arens, enter the company in 1993. With Henrik's arrival at the company, focus on innovation became even stronger and the different brands assumed their distinctive identities.

Oase Outdoors made an important breakthrough in the mid 1990s, when exports began to accelerate. Throughout the 1990s, Henrik Arens gradually assumed more commercial responsibility in the company and Outwell®, Easy Camp® and Robens® were introduced to service clearly defined areas of outdoor life:

• Outwell − Innovative Family Camping 
• Easy Camp − Entry Level Camping 
• Robens − Outdoor and Adventure

Each brand targets specific needs with equipment that includes:

• Tents
• Camping furniture 
• Sleeping bags
• Sleeping mats and airbeds
• Backpacks/bags
• A comprehensive range of camping accessories



Henrik was appointed CEO in 2004 and, by 2016, continuing success placed Oase Outdoors in the position where a partner could be considered to bring additional relevant expertise, experience and financial resources to help the company reach its full potential. Today Oase Outdoors is a partnership between Scandinavian investment specialist, Ratos, with an approximate 80 per cent holding, and Henrik Arens who remains CEO and Managing Director, retaining just over 20 per cent of the business with key management personnel. 

The UK played a defining role in the development of Oase Outdoors and continues to be an important core market with our employees servicing trade primarily split between Independent retailers and larger chains within both the UK and Ireland. Another employee works to promote the three brands through all forms of media, end-user engagement and communication projects.

Tax Policy in the United Kingdom
The Oase Outdoors Group emphasizes compliance with the legislation and paying taxes in all countries where we are present, this includes tax legislation. We always aim to operate in agreement with the OECD guidelines on transfer pricing. 

The CEO in each company is responsible for compliance with local tax legislation. To ensure compliance the Oase Outdoors Group uses local auditors to compute the taxes and fill in tax returns etc. 
Oase Outdoors Ltd has a conservative and risk averse approach to tax planning. It is natural to the Oase Outdoors Ltd to cooperate in full with HMRS and other local authorities to ensure compliance with legislation.