Robens Opad Award

The new Raptor tent has been awarded Bronze in the Tent Category by the prestigious Dutch magazine Op Pad in its Outdoor Award 2014.

The two-person transverse tunnel was complimented by the judges for having a good quality to price ratio – a key feature of all Robens products.

They also said: “It is suitable for a wide audience. The tent is easy to set up and the three poles create a wind resistant design.”

We continue to test all our tents using our own in-house facilities and, during the tests, register the maximum (MAX) speed impact a tent was subjected to and the average (AVG) wind speed at which structural instability occurred. Structural instability may show as the collapse of tent, returning to shape when the wind drops, or a broken/deformed pole. At no point did we encounter any form of catastrophic failure up to the maximum wind speed and an icon is now used, including on our website, to show the MAX and AVG figures for each tent. The Raptor was tested to a maximum wind speed of 156km/h.

For more details about the award-winners visit this page (text in Dutch)