Robens® - Pure Outdoor Passion


Passion for the Outdoor Adventure 
We share your passion for the outdoors and we are constantly striving to create a strong foundation to enable your active outdoor adventures. Quality gear is essential hence our focused, high performance product range is designed for your specific needs. With our knowhow and continuous testing we are committed to provide you with products of superior value. The safe choice allowing you to concentrate on what really matters: Enjoying the adventure of the outdoors.


To own your adventure we create the strong foundation allowing you to fulfill your aspirations in a rich natural environment.
Superior Value 
Skillful selection of superior materials ensures that we provide authentic products of high quality and outstanding value.
Performance is essential to enjoy the outdoors; with our knowhow and continuous testing we are committed to develop high performing quality products with functional and technical benefits for your comfort.
We are your dependable partner in the outdoors and will continue to design durable products - we will not let you down.
Passion for the outdoors drives us to create real products for your outdoor playground.


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